Julianne Grant, Server at Paley.

“As a server, I feel more connected to the restaurant after the trip. It makes me want to do more. I’d love to help with other U.S. openings, sharing my experience and training new team members in the omotenashi culture- like a Plan Do See task force.”



Keenan Rielly, Barista at Neuehouse

“After visiting 4 cities in 2 weeks, I’ll never forget the first dinner at The Sodoh in Kyoto: it was a privilege to dine and chat with directors of the company to talk about the fine little brushstrokes – design, ingredients, service – that paint the full picture of a Plan Do See venue.”

Bambi Tominaga, Event Sous Chef at NeueHouse

“Patience is something I brought back from Japan: The team there was so welcoming, making us feel comfortable despite the language barrier. In the kitchen, they were teaching instead of telling- showing their culture, but also learning from my culture.”



Wilber Teutle, Bartender at Paley.

“I learned a lot from my colleagues in Japan- mostly when they were just being themselves. Paying attention to the way they went about their day, I realized they embody a happy state of mind: they enjoy their work every day, and that attitude reflects onto guests and other coworkers.”


Stephanie Cabral, Pastry Cook at NeueHouse

“I love structure- I’m in pastry, so everything is perfectly timed, immaculately measured. Japan is like that: there, menu planning is a highly organized prism, done together as a group, reflecting the soul of Plan Do See, the area, the seasons, and the service.”